We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, well documented technical solutions to our customers on time and to specification. Whether you have a specific deliverable or require support on an ongoing project, we can provide a developer with the right skills and expertise to ensure a successful outcome.


We have a wealth of experience in software and hardware design covering the full stack from low-level coding on embedded systems all the way up to high-level programming for data science and the web in object-oriented and functional languages. In the past we have undertaken projects using languages including C, C++, Objective-C, VHDL, Python, R, Java, Assembler, MATLAB, SQL , Scheme, Javascript, Clojure, Max/MSP, and PureData.

Data Science

We use R and Python/SciPy for most of our data engineering work and have recently employed these technologies to automate data cleaning and de-duplication processes for a financial publication company based in the City of London.

Web development

We have built full stack dynamic websites using HTML5/CSS/Javascript for the client side and we are big fans of the Python/Django framework backed by PostgreSQL for server-side development. One such site was a project management system for university students; as well as web technologies, we used LaTeX on the server to generate PDF reports automatically. More recently we have started experimenting with ClojureScript for developing client and server side code.

Embedded systems and firmware

We have experience in embedded hardware and software design using VHDL synthsised on Xilinx FPGAs and C and assembly language for different microcontrollers platforms including ARM and MCS51 families.


We are currently developing apps for Android and iOS with partners in academia and industry.

Audio processing and studio design

With many years of experience in audio research, we specialise in audio processing and studio technology. We have designed and installed audio recording studio systems and developed designs for acoustic treatment at the MAT studios in Queen Mary University in London.